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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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it would never occur to us for one moment to set up
our own opinion against that of the Master, because
we know, (it is not a matter of opinion but of actual
knowledge) that He has access to all kinds and
sources of information that we have not; therefore
He knows what He is talking about. Afterwards we
may set to work to try to find the reasons which
caused his opinion—that is quite another matter—
but in the mean time we do not oppose it, it would
never occur to us to do so. It would indeed be like
a very small schoolboy setting up his opinion against
that of the Principal of the College. The Principal
knows what he is talking about, the small boy's mis-
understanding is not in the question. It is exactly
the same with the pupil and the Master; but the wise
pupil will find out why the Master does so and so.
In a minor degree we see the same thing on the
physical plane. I have found many members of the
Society setting up their opinions on all sorts of points
against that of our President. They have every right
to their opinion, but it is rather a foolish thing, con-
sidering where our President stands. About everything
Theosophical she must know a great deal more than
they do ; therefore her opinion is entitled to a very
much greater weight. It does not occur to me to set
-up my opinion against hers. It may seem to me that I
might do things a little differently in this way or that ;

it is a matter of opinion. I never criticise her in any
way. She has a certain position to hold, which